Algeria - 170,000  
Morocco - 18,584,000 
Western Sahara - 8,900



Islam - 99.99%


Arab Prayer

Loving God, have mercy on the Moroccan Arab people. They are physically attractive, gracious and hospitable, and personal relationships mean a lot to them. It is apparent that success and satisfaction are determined by healthy relationships. Broken relationships must be mended.

Lord, may Moroccan Arabs come to realize that their relationship with their Creator is broken. Help them see how their sin separates them from their God and how that broken relationship needs to be healed. 

Caring God, send Your messengers to establish close relationships through which the gospel message can be communicated. May Moroccan Arabs recognize their need to be reconciled to You and understand that Jesus is the Mediator who can bring this about, make peace and establish a relationship that will last forever.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with Moroccan Arabs and bring them peace. Amen!

Islamic Rim Peoples