Tanzania 260,000


Islam 85%





Heavenly Father, I come as Your child to make a request. You are God and have the power and resources to address my need. My petition is for the spiritual welfare of the Matumbi. You know them for You created each one.

The Matumbi homeland is in Tanzania, and they number about 183,000 people—each of whom is of great value. Eight out of 10 are Muslims, but under the guise of religion they practice ancestral veneration and seek the favor of other gods.

Father, You are the One who placed within each of them a soul, the inmost being of a man that desires to worship his Creator. The Matumbi have been deceived; Satan has blinded them, and they don’t see the clearly marked trail leading into Your presence.

Heavenly Father, I ask for Your light of the gospel to dispel the darkness, the spiritual eyes of the Matumbi to be opened, and for them to put their complete trust in You. May the promise given in Matthew 12:21 become a reality: “In his name the nations (Matumbi) will put their hope.” Thank You, Father, for listening and answering my prayer. Amen.

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