Kenya 3,300
Mozambique 526,000
Tanzania 1,680,000


Islam 92%





Our Father, we approach the throne of grace in behalf of one hundred million Muslim people who dwell on the coastal rim of the African continent. We desire to especially focus our intercession on the Makonde people located on the southeast coast of that great continent.

Although physically separated from them by thousands of miles, we are grateful that prayer has no bounds, nor does God’s love. The Creator of the universe has declared His desire that none be lost, but that all men would come to repentance. Surely then, Lord, the Makonde people are included in your vast love that encompasses every person on this planet.

When our Savior walked this earth he instructed us to pray to the Lord of the harvest that laborers might be thrust forth into the fields. We therefore would ask that a portion of these laborers would choose to labor among the Makonde people. 

May the Holy Spirit call, empower, and give success to these who will be so chosen. O Lord, send a mighty revival to the Makonde!

In the Name of the world’s only Savior, Jesus, we pray. Amen.

Islamic Rim Peoples