Kenya 862,000


Islam 1%







Jesus, I want to thank You for Your Church that is being established through the length and breadth of the Giriama homeland. It is evident to the people that the power of Jesus Christ is greater than that of the devil. Many have put their trust in You and been set free from the fear of witchcraft. They know that Your Spirit within them is greater than the power of the witch doctors.

I praise You for over 28% of the Giriama people who are Christians. I pray that You will call forth workers to carry the good news of the gospel to the remaining 72%.

Lord of the harvest, raise up workers who are full of God's grace and power. Send them through the Giriama countryside doing great wonders and miraculous signs among the people. Grant them such an anointing of the Holy Spirit that the unbelievers will not be able to stand up against the message presented with much wisdom.

May Your messengers be full of faith, their countenance reflecting the presence of the Almighty in their lives. O Lord, I pray for every Giriama to receive an adequate witness of Your saving grace. I ask this in the powerful Name of Jesus. Amen.

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