Guinea 5,434,000
Guinea-Bissau 1,800
Senegal 212,000
Sierra-Leone 189,000


Islam 99.99%




Almighty God, I humbly approach You today seeking Your favor upon the Fula Jalon people. Their Islamic faith has blinded them to the light of the gospel. Very few have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal favor.

They have walked in darkness for centuries and need a deliverer to set them free from Satan's deception. Send messengers of truth to teach them by word, example and a display of Your power.

You promised that if anyone believes in Your Son, Jesus, he would be save. That promise in John 3:16 applies to the Fula Jalon. Solomon testified in 1 Kings 8:24 "With your mouth you have promised and with your hand you have fulfilled it."

Compassionate and gracious God, stretch forth Your hand to the Fula Jalon today. Amen!

Islamic Rim Peoples