Kenya 362,000
Tanzania 204,000


Islam 99.9%








Thank You, Lord, for allowing me the opportunity to see the beautiful facesof the Digo. My heart breaks with their need for Jesus, and I say with the apostle Paul: “My heart’s desire and prayer to God for the Israelites (Digo) is that they may be saved.”

I ask You, Lord, for workers - those of Your heart who will reach these people with Your Word, mercy, grace and love. Thank You for believers who will arise to support their mission in love, in prayer and financially.

May every provision for their journey be made available. Go before them and prepare the hearts of the people to receive You; set a hedge of protection about them; lead them with divine inspiration and creative ways to impart Your truth; bless them with health in body and spirit, and provide helpers along the way.

Multitudes upon multitudes of Digo people are in need of You, Lord. They are lost but not forgotten, for surely Your eye is even on the sparrow. I ask You for their souls, a great harvest and many disciples.

Thank You, Lord. May Your will be done. Amen! 

Islamic Rim Peoples