Egypt 1,050,000
Eritrea 244,000
Sudan 2,358,000


Islam 99.99%






Lord, thank You for the Beja people, for all people were created in Your image. You created their language and culture. Looking upon Your creation, You said, “It is good.” The Beja entered this life with a purpose – to have fellowship with their Creator and give glory to God.

The good news of the gospel has been shared with many people groups, yet others are still waiting to hear that Jesus saves from sin. The truth of salvation through simple faith in the shed blood of Jesus seems to have bypassed the Beja. They are an unreached peoples group.

Most High God, please send a messenger to them, for how can they hear the gospel unless someone tells them? Open their ears to hear the truth, their eyes to see Jesus in the daily life of Your messenger, their minds to grasp the plan of salvation and faith to arise in their hearts to believe. May they submit to Jesus, accept Him as their Lord and Savior and experience His life-changing power.

Lord, I offer this prayer that You might be glorified and the Beja rejoice in Your great salvation. Amen.

Islamic Rim Peoples