Editors: Todd M. Johnson and Kenneth R. Ross 
Edinburg University Press 2009

Christian Fact Sheet
November 2010

Global Adherents
Christians: 2,292,454,000*     Muslims: 1,549,444,000     Chinese Folk/Agnostics: 1,098,168,000
Hindus: 948,507,000     Buddhists: 468,736,000 (p. 7)

2050 Projections
            Christians: 3,220,348,000 or 35% of world population (p. 107)
            2010 - Christians in the USA: 257,311,000

* The title "Christians" includes Protestants, Roman Catholics, Pentecostals, Evangelicals, Independents, Marginal (Jehovah Witness, Mormon, etc.), anyone calling themselves a Christian.

Christianity's Shift of Ethnic and Linguistic Components (p. 8)
1910 - over 80% of all Christians lived in Europe and Northern America
2010 - less than 40% lived in Europe and Northern America
2050 -  less than 26% living north of the equator (p. 53)

1910 - ten countries with the most Christians were in the North
2010 - only three of the top ten remained in the North: USA, Russia and Germany

Christianity's Numerical Center of Gravity
AD 33 Israel,  1910 Spain,  2010 Mali,  2100 Nigeria (p. 53)

Christianity in the future:
            Africa, Asia and Latin America will dominate theological reflections
            Dominant languages are shifting to the South
            Christians are increasingly in close contact with Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists which                             will intensify the potential of conflict and dialogue

Origen once pointed out that Egyptian gold adorned the Tabernacle. Perhaps we may now see the symbols of God's presence fashioned from African gold and the curtains of the tabernacle hung with cloths of Asia. (p. 49)

Pentecostals (p. 100 - 102)
Pentecostalism became the main contributor to the reshaping of Christianity from a predominantly Western to a non-Western phenomenon during the twentieth century.

Pentecostals today are among the most significant players in Christian missions.

The Assemblies of God is one of the two largest Pentecostal denominations in India. The Assemblies of God in Brazil is the largest non-Catholic church in Latin America.

Over the past 100 years, the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement has grown at almost five times the rate of global Christianity. The movement now numbers over 614 million adherents.

Future of Global Christianity (p. 104 -107)
Global Christianity is now a non-Western religion. It will either live or die as a whole depending on its success in worldwide evangelization.

New trends are apparent among non-Western Christians:
1. Read and appreciate the Bible
2. Adapt the Bible to their culture
3. The growing churches are mostly Pentecostal/Charismatic

The projected number of Christians in 2050 is 3,220,348,000 with the fastest growth rate experienced in Africa at 1.91% between 2010 and 2050.

Christianity Advancing Today
Algeria: There are now more than 10,000 converts to Christ among the Kabyle people of northern Algeria. (Arab Vision - ExtendedGlobalReport0808

Israel:  In Israel, there are now over 15,000 Jewish followers of Jesus / Yeshua as the Messiah.
(Messianic Jews – Jesus Lives on in Jerusalem,7340,L-3939336,00.html)

Iran:  More Iranians have become followers of Jesus Christ in the last 31 years than the past 1400 years combined. It is estimated that more than 3,000 Iranians are putting their faith in Jesus Christ each month. In some house churches, believers close their service by praying over New Testaments.  Then they each take seven copies and hand out at least one each day to a non-believer, knowing full well that if they get caught, they face death.
(Iran Church Growth

Nigeria:  Every Sunday, the Anglican Church of Nigeria gathers 20 million people in worship of Jesus Christ. (Nigeria Anglican Church