What is a “Church Planting Team (CPT)?” A clear understanding of the answer to this question is essential in mobilizing team members who are called of God, who commit to a clear plan and objective.

A CPT has one objective: To raise up a worshipping body of believers, a church which will birth other churches. This is the standard by which success is to be measured.


  • Calls for long-term commitment: a minimum of ten years. Other ministries may generate short-term involvement, but the CPT members are ready for language study, cultural adjustment and whatever time is necessary to achieve the goal.
  • Requires mature team members: individuals who have experience in working with people and within a structure, who have proven they can bear responsibility, who have perfected their skills in the workplace and have demonstrated leadership abilities, such as: win and disciple a sinner, teach a Sunday School class or lead a small group Bible study, etc.
  • Distinctly Pentecostal: baptized in the Holy Spirit, participate in Pentecostal worship, identified some of their spiritual gifts, and recognize their dependency upon the Holy Spirit to produce fruit of lasting value.
  • Convinced theologically: Jesus says “Go.” God wants all men to be saved and the only salvation is through Jesus Christ. What the team members believe motivates them to action.
  • On the same page: the indigenous church as fleshed out by the apostle Paul’s is the biblical base for the CPT’s methodology.

A CPT is comprised of ten to twelve individuals.

An international CPT is best suited to address the need of resistant Islamic people groups. Perhaps four members could be drawn from the American, Latin, Asian reservoir; the others from within the people group’s country or region.