20/20 VISION  "...the words 'every nation' clearly refers to people groups...." 

ENGAGING THE UNENGAGED "Engaging an unengaged people group calls for high commitment, much like the commitment needed to 'Love the Lord your God.' "

PATH TO BELIEF "How does a Christian come to believe that Jesus is the Son of God?"

PROXIMITY THEOLOGY "A generational, geographical and relational perspective of the Great Commission"

TEAM PROFILES FROM ACTS "Profiles are given for the team members, focusing on their backgrounds before joining the ministry team."

TEAM TIPS FROM ACTS "Sifting Church Planting Teams Through The Pauline Sieve"

UNREACHED BUT REACHABLE "Islam...usually very resistant to an overt presentation of the gospel. Can they be reached with an adequate, contextualized introduction to Jesus the Savior?"

WHY GO? "Why Engage Africa’s Unreached Peoples? Why pray, research, send messengers and establish a church among them?"



BEYOND MY CULTURE " crossing a linguistic barrier in their midwestern U.S. town, she would be fulfilling the Great Commission."



AFRICA FACT SHEET "Africa as a continent grew from 9.4% Christian in 1910 to 47.9% in 2010."

AFRICA'S ISLAMIC RIM "Ultimately African believers will be God’s primary instrument in determining the eternal destiny of people living on Africa’s Islamic Rim."

AFRICA'S UNREACHED PEOPLES:IN NEED OF GOD'S MESSENGER AND MESSAGE "Their eternal destiny is determined by lack of an adequate, living witness of the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ."

CAN THE AFRICAN CHURCH CLAIM AFRICA'S ISLAMIC RIM? "Do the national churches of Africa have the vision and the resources to penetrate Africa’s Islamic Rim?"

CHRISTIAN FACT SHEET "Christianity in the future: Africa, Asia and Latin America will dominate theological reflections"

INSIDE OUT "...the time has come to reverse the role and let the burgeoning church of Africa put on the “missionary coat”

ISLAMIC HOLY CITY: TOUBA, SENEGAL "The mosque had the appearance of a cathedral, including amazing architecture and workmanship and use of Italian marble."

WHAT IS A CHURCH PLANTING TEAM? "To raise up a worshipping body of believers, a church which will birth other churches. This is the standard by which success is to be measured."